Snow 7″HD


Portable Video Magnifiers are powered and charged in a similar way to a mobile phone as they contain rechargeable batteries.  This gives you the freedom to take the video magnifier with you in the same way as a lens magnifier.


  • 2.2x - 16x magnification range
  • 7"screenSnow 7 HD With Book
  • 480g/16.93 oz (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 195 x 139.3 mm
  • 11 enhanced viewing modes
  • Manufactured by Zoomax




Additional Features

  • Continuous use – 4.5 hour battery life
  • Distance viewing mode
  • High definition image quality – 5 megapixel HD camera
  • Freeze Frame
  • HDMI connection for TV/Monitor - cable available if required