Snow 7 HD

A high definition handheld 7″ video magnifier with a high contrast LCD screen, ensuring a clean and crisp image when using the device.

This magnification aid can be used whilst out and about as well as in the home making it ideal for reading and magnifying newspapers, books, price tags, labels, medicine bottles and more.

The integrated ergonomic writing stand enables you to carry out writing tasks. You can write greetings cards, sign cheques, write letters and so much more.



  • 2.2x - 16x magnification range
  • 7" TFT screenSnow 7 HD With Book
  • 480g/16.93 oz (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 195 x 139.3 mm
  • 11 enhanced viewing modes
  • Manufactured by Zoomax

Additional Features

  • Continuous use – 4.5 hour battery life
  • Distance viewing mode
  • High definition image quality – 5 megapixel HD camera
  • Freeze Frame
  • HDMI connection for TV/Monitor - HDMI cable included