Smart Reader


Stand alone reading machines photograph your reading material, and, within seconds, they begin reading aloud.

Easy to use, they are ideal for partially sighted and totally blind people of all ages.

The Smart Reader has easy to use controls that allow you to stop, start and go forwards or backwards.  All you have to do is position your document and press a button.  In seconds the Smart Reader will begin to read aloud to you.




  • Full Page reader only or connect to 13.3” Portable Monitor, TV or desktop monitor & read along
  • Weighs under 5 lbs
  • 28 color modes available to optimize contrast and brightness
  • User friendly Control Console with tactile buttons
  • Book mode for saving multiple pages while table mode allows you to easily read documents with tables
  • Manufactured by Enhanced Vision



Additional Features

  • Over 20 languages available
  • Clock with voice prompt on demand
  • Attach headphone for privacy
  • Capture, magnify and read along comfortably in page, line or word format
  • Audio and visual prompts
  • Volume and Speed controls
  • Capture, save and recall modes
  • Natural sounding male or female voice