ReadEasy Move 2


At the touch of a button the ReadEasy translates, within seconds, printed text into clear speech. Read letters, bank statements, books or even curved objects such as tins.

Simple tactile controls on the top of the ReadEasy 2 make it easy to navigate your reading material.  You can also speed up or slow down the reading speed depending on your needs.

The ReadEasy 2 has a faster processor for quicker more accurate reading.  It also features more natural sounding voices.




  • Weighs only 2.45kg making it extremely portable.
  • Compact design means it takes up a small space on a desk
  • Latest camera and optical recognition software ensures text is read out as accurately as possible even from shaped surfaces.
  • Uses natural human sounding voices and a custom built 6 watt RMS stereo speaking system to ensure quality sound
  • It has a stylish design with a folding detachable camera and tactile buttons for easy operation.
  • Manufactured by Vision Aid Technologies.


Additional Features

Advanced Feature Pack

ReadEasy+Consists of an additional keypad that provides features such as saving and loading multipage documents, importing and exporting.

An easy to use system with its single button press to start the capture and reading process.


Low Vision Feature Pack

This enables the ReadEasy to display your documents in large print via an external VGA monitor or TV with VGA output. You can choose your preferred print colour, size of text and line spacing.

The document can also be read out loud at the same time, providing the complete all-round solution.