Prisma HD

Prisma HD

Connect the Prisma HD to any HD TV set and experience a rich vibrant and crisp image.  It is simple to set up and operate and has comprehensive features including semi-colours.

The Prisma HD is a compact solution to meet all your visual needs; puzzles reading, writing or viewing photographs.



Prisma HD Folded

  • Magnification x2.5 to x100 (dependant on screen size)
  • Incorporates an adjustable LED light
  • Weight 1.3kg (3lbs)
  • 9 different viewing options


Additional Features

  • Prisma HDThe display uses any HD TV with a HDMI connection.
  • The Camera resolution is HD 720p 1280x720 50/60Hz.
  • The Prisma HD folds away when not in use.
  • A transportable solution with its own case.