Merlin LCD

Merlin LCD

The clear choice in desktop magnifiers for reading and writing confidential documents or private letters, books, magazines or newspapers.

Not just a reading machine, the Merlin LCD will cater for all your magnification needs such as viewing photographs and doing crosswords or puzzles.



  • Magnification from x2.4 to x77
  • 20” 22” and 24” Monitor Sizes
  • 28 different view options including full colour
  • Easy to use controls
  • Matt finish screen
  • Manufactured by Enhanced Vision

Additional Features

Connectivity BoxThe Merlin LCD has a through VGA connection. This allows the option of using your Merlin LCD display as your computer monitor.

The options button on the Connectivity Box allows you to toggle between your computer display and your Merlin display.

Connectivity Box option for Lines and Windows