Acrobat – Mini


The flexible solution for reading, writing or viewing at any distance.  By simply rotating the camera you can magnify images in the distance.  Use it to view paperwork or presentations, or work on crafts and hobbies. Clear full colour image for viewing photographs, food packaging and doing crosswords or puzzles.  Its small footprint and lightweight design allows a degree of portability.


  • Magnification x1.3 to x65
  • A generous 13.3” display offers a large field of view
  • Weighs 12.2 lbs/5.53 kg
  • Battery operated with 6 hours of continuous usage – Energy saving standby mode
  • 28 available viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
  • Manufactured by Enhanced Vision

Additional Features

  • Computer compatible
  • Adjustable reading lines and object locator
  • Slide through base aids in document placement
  • Optional rolling case available
  • Compact size minimizes space needed on a table or desk

The camera is positioned above and in front of the screen on these versatile machines.  This means that the reading material is also placed in front of the screen.  This pushes the screen further away from the user which may not be the best solution if you have difficulty focusing on the screen.