Reading Machines

Smart Reader

Easy-to-use, Smart Reader boasts a lightweight portable sleek design with a user friendly console. Position any printed material, press a button and in seconds Smart Reader begins reading aloud. Connect Smart Reader to a TV or monitor and enlarge the image to follow as it reads.



A machine that reads print to you! At the touch of a button the ReadEasy translates, within seconds, printed text into clear speech. Read letters, bank statements, books or even curved objects such as tins.

The easy to use controls allow you to stop, start, go forwards or backwards through your document.


DaVinci HD/OCR

DaVinci is a high definition desktop video magnifier that also features text to speech (OCR).  With the push of a button printed text that is displayed on the screen will be read aloud.  The camera can rotate for distance viewing and for self viewing.  DaVinci’s Sony HD camera displays images in vibrant colour and contrast.