Customer Feedback

We are delighted with the feedback we have had – take a look for yourselves, here are just some of the letters we’ve received from satisfied clients:

On behalf of the group I would like to thank you so much for coming to talk and demonstrate  your products to us yesterday afternoon,  we found it very interesting, and helpful to know there are products out there to help us.

H from Portishead Macular Group

"Much appreciated the clarity of your paperwork - such a help for those of us with a visual impairment."

Christine from Maidenhead

"Thank you for all of your help, its much appreciated"

Mr Smith from Salisbury

"Thanks again.  Great service.  I'll certainly spread the word"

Adrian son of a client from Bournemouth

Just a brief note to say how much I am enjoying using the "I-loview7"

Single column newsprint is easy but more importantly the rear curvature of the device renders the back label of wine bottles extremely legible and interesting !

Cheers !!


Nicky …..  asks that I forward her many thanks to you for the help and support and the use of the SNOW machine.  I myself, would also like to say a big thank you to you  Jane, for the wonderful service you provide, for without it I am not sure what we would have done to support and help  Nicky during this difficult time for her.

Once again many thanks for everything,  and at least I know where to come should a similar issue arise again. But hopefully it won't.

[And subsequently]:

Thank you for letting me know that the SNOW machine arrived with you safely.

Once again many thanks for the wonderful service you provided to us

Best wishes to you, and may your service go from strength to strength.


Ian is a total legend!  Very grateful for his sensitivity and patience. Please send documents to my dad. I will ensure they are turned around promptly.

Son of a customer in Dorset

I have macular degeneration and can only read with magnifiers which I find very stressful.  Since hiring the Merlin LCD I can now read small print on medication leaflets and newspapers.  It particularly helped me to reduce my increased paperwork for myself and disabled daughter and brother.  Best of all is that it does the job and is simple to use.

Customer in Birmingham supplied with a Merlin

My thanks to you and Ian for the excellent service you have given me.

Customer in Wiltshire supplied with a Mezzo

Thank you for your excellent service, my mother is very happy with the ReadEasy, which has made a considerable difference to her life.  She is demonstrating the machine to everyone who calls on her, including her local vicar who said a short prayer and blessed the equipment!!

Son of a customer in Cornwall

Dear Ian and Jane
This year the Wiltshire Blind Association has put on workshops called Moving On.

I wanted to thank you for giving up your time and coming along to speak.  Without your support we would not have been able to offer this valuable service.

Everyone benefitted in some way.  Thank you for making the workshops interesting and knowledgeable, and for making a difference to visually impaired people.

Moving On will be starting again next year; I look forward to catching up with you then.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Hemmings. Project Co-ordinator.

Hi Jane
It was great to meet you yesterday what a fantastic idea of hiring out equipment may it go from strength to Strength.
Catch up soon and good luck


Dear Ian
My father is really pleased with the ReadEasy and it is a great help to him as he is finding reading more and more difficult as time goes on. Thank you for kindness and patience in dealing with him.
Kind regards

P F (St Helens)

Dear Jane
Please find enclosed a cheque for Merlin 22”. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and kindness when helping my wife to choose. If she has one complaint it is that she is unable to fit it in her luggage when she goes on holiday.
Yours truly,

N & D Smith (Huddersfield)

Dear Ian,
Just a note to thank you very much for giving your demonstration of Visual Aids to the Salisbury Branch of the Macular Disease Society, on 25th January. Your visit was a great success and much appreciated by members.
With best wishes

Judy Strefford Group Leader