Clive of PC Helper

We may be great at Electronic Magnification but we are not so great at setting up a small office network of computers.

That’s to say that Ian is a star at the hard wiring and installing but software is an added hurdle. As a result we needed help.

Enter Clive of PC Helper.

Clive came into our lives with a calm assured manner which meant that within minutes he was tapping away at a keyboard.  It seemed that he was practicing the ‘dark art’ of computer software installation. However, following lots of buzzing and whirring, the keyboard fell silent.  Clive announced that we were ready, it seemed that his work was done.

Now we have our computers.  We can all use any one of them. We all have access to the same information and the ability to work at any screen in our office.

How does this benefit our clients?  It means that if you need to call us we all have the ability to answer your query.  If you would like to make an appointment we all have access to the diary.  Because by being more efficient in the office we will provide you with a better experience, that reflects your individual needs.

And that has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?